Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turn Your Teacher into Miss Viola Swamp

3rd Grade Miss Nelson is Missing

Turn your classroom teacher into Miss Viola Swamp!

Miss Nelson Is Missing is one of my favorite childhood books! When I found out 3rd graders were going to be reading this story in their classrooms I could not wait to incorporate a lesson with this story. To begin students had to fill in their (KWL) chart. What do you KNOW about your teacher.... What would you LIKE to know about your teacher...... What did you LEARN about your teacher. The chart helped students to complete their writing portion of this lesson. This project was a great way for students to connect with what they are reading in their regular classroom for the being a writer program while being an artist as well. Students were asked to identify the following color concepts: Warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, and secondary colors some how on Miss Viola Swam's clothing.

Students also had the opportunity to listen to some other stories about Miss Nelson.

Example of the project

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