Sunday, October 9, 2011

1st Grade ..... Pumpkin Patch by the Harvest Moon

How does a pumpkin grow?

When you go to a pumkin patch do all the pumpkins look the same?

Today you will paint a pumpkin patch.......

1. You will paint 3 pumpkins by the harvest moon sitting in the grass. One large, one medium, and one small. Do not forget to paint the harvest moon, and stars. What geometric shapes can we use for our pumpkins, moon, and stars?

2. Use oil pastels for the stems. What geometric shapes can we use for the stems of our pumpkins?

3. What do pumpkins grow on? Can you think of a line that can be used for the vine?

Piccasso's Colorwheel Bouquet

To begin the colorwheel we need to first start with the primary colors....


We need to use the primary colors to create the scondary colors.

Orange, Green, and Violet...

The complimentary colors are opposites on the colorwheel.

When creating your Picasso Bouquet today you will create the colorwheel for the center of each flower. The petals on the flowers will be each colors compliment.

Neptune Sand Sculpting 2011

Thalia students worked so hard on their sculputure of Mount Trashmore!! I could not be more proud of them!!